The Hobbit Prop Replica #3 Coin

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Deep within the mountain kingdom of Erebor a lake of gold and precious jewels laps at the green stone pillars of the ancient Dwarf city. Innumerable coins of Dwarven mint lie piled so deep that a Dragon the size of Smaug the Terrible can swim among them like a giant red serpent. Stamped in the gold smithies of a long-dead Dwarf king, they glitter like so many dew-kissed autumn leaves lying thick upon a bleak forest floor, a sad, twinkling monument to a once proud race made humble by the great worm. The third coin of five from the Treasure of Smaug the Terrible features the embossed silhouette of an eagle on one side and the stern face of a Dwarf king on the other. The coin is an exact replica, drawn from a mold of the original coin created for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug by the 3 Foot 7 Art Department