Iron Man 3 Iron Man Mark 7 Life Size Figure

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As an improvement from Mark V, the Iron Man Mark VII not only maintains its high mobility and fast assembly, the armor even adds better protection to handle heavy firearm attack.

Beast Kingdom Toys is proud to present the LS-019 Iron Man 3 Mark VII 1:1 statue! Made from features fiberglass material and expertly painted with automotive-grade paint to 100% resemble details from the Iron Man movie. Details such as the stainless steel and thruster pack made from magnets, as well as LED lighted embedded in the eyes, chest arc reactor, and the palms. LS-019 Iron Man 3 Mark VII 1:1 statue is shipped with a customized base; collectors can chose with additional DX Base (LS-019DX).

? Using the high-quality features fiberglass, and professionally hand-painted with auto body grade paint for the most accurate representation of Iron Mans metallic outer
? Using stainless steel and thruster pack made from magnets
? Made 100% according to movie settings, Iron Man Mark VIIs thrusters, thigh track belt, as well as the chest arc reactor are shown perfectly
? LED lights installed in the Iron Man’s arc reactor look even more majestic
? Every LS-019 Iron Man 3 Iron Man Mark VII 1:1 statue features a custom-made base; collectors also have the option to purchase additional DX Base (LS-19DX)
? Every figure is strictly limited in the quantity produced to enhance its value and protect your investment
? Warranty card detailing the copyright from Marvel and Beast Kingdom Toys Co., Ltd. to guarantee authenticity