Iron Man 3 Iron Man Mark 2 Life Size Figure

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Mark II is based on the Mark I prototype constructed by Tony Stark after being kidnapped by terrorists. Tony has re-designed using his collection of high tech accessories to build the Mark II.

Beast Kingdom Toys is proud to release the LS-014 Iron Man 3 Mark II 1:1 statue, crafted with high-quality Features fiberglass and professionally hand-painted with automobile grade paint for close resemblance for Iron Mans metallic outer. Made 100% to movie settings, Mark IIs details are perfectly recreated down to every stud, even embedding LED lights inside the eyes, chest arc reactor, and palms. The LS-014 Iron Man 3 Iron Man II 1:1 statue is shipped with a customized base, collectors can alternatively chose the DX Base (LS-014DX) as well.

? High-quality features fiberglass and expertly hand-painted with automotive-grade paint to showcase Iron Mans metallic outer armor
? Made 100% according to movie settings, Iron Man Mark IIs thrusters, thigh track belt, as well as the chest arc reactor are shown perfectly
? LED lights installed in the Iron Man’s arc reactor look even more majestic
? Every LS-014 Iron Man 3 Iron Man Mark II 1:1 statue features a custom-made base; collectors also have the option to purchase additional DX Base (LS-14DX)
? Every figure is strictly limited in the quantity produced to enhance its value and protect your investment
? Warranty card detailing the copyright from Marvel and Beast Kingdom Toys Co., Ltd. to guarantee authenticity