An Original Character By Jugoyashoten Momo (Provisional)

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Shy type Rustic style Plump country girl Birth of “Momo” (provisional)

A character designed to be the “first cry” of the birth of an original figure line.

The casting of illustrations packed with the charm of Tomoe Sasamori.

This is the family resturant “Yukari Retreat.”

Right in the middle of training to go to Tokyo for the first time. This clumsy, ditzy girl is full of excitement.

Hey now, what happened there? What do you think of shy girls?

What comes next is up to the gentleman.

What do you think of bashful “Momo (provisional)”?

The skirt and striped panties can be cast off.

The right arm and left wrist can be moved.

She is sent to you on a wonderful pedestal.

Currently, a special adult-themed pedestal comes included. There’s no doubt about taking a special spot in a luxurious performance space!

For a limited time only we have a perfect price for being introduced to Jugoyashoten’s figures!

Please enjoy the charms of bashful girls.

PVC・ABS Fully painted finished product.1/5.5 Scale.Total Height:130mm Total Length:280mm

Accessory:A special pedestal/beads cushion

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