Delivery charges vary depending on certain items and location to be shipped to.

We currently only offer a flat rate shipping fee of $19.95 Though this is a little on the higher end we only use express post, his is due to the processing and handling times we feel sending via standard delivery makes the process to long. We do not list this flate rate as express so that we don’t give customers the wrong idea about the time frames of when they order and when they can expect to receive the item as some may think ordering express means they will have the items within 3 days of placing the order, this is not the case due to the processing and handling times, furthermore, we do not offer “express” shipping as an option as the couriers and freight companies cannot guarantee that every location has express available and therefore we cannot guarantee this either.

Once an order has been dispatched please note that we have no control over the actual delivery times and just as yourselves we to have to wait until we are updated by the courier companies. If you have an issue with an order not being delivered by the eta date provided please contact the courier company first and then send us an email so we can follow it up and work with you to have this resolved with the courier company.

Pick up – We do not offer Pick Up options due to OH&S Policies and Insurance Policies. We do not keep a great deal in stock and they come from local suppliers. In the future we may look at stocking popular items if it aligns with our insurance policies.

Some specialty items that are pre-ordered or custom orders may not have estimates until the item is available to be dispatched. We will try our best to give accurate estimates as soon as possible.

We offer a range of payment options.

Orders can take up to 5-7 Business Days for processing and handling times and from 3-5 Business days to be delivered from dispatch date. There may on occasions be disruptions which can effect either the processing and handling times which can effect these time frames. At maximum we will endeavor to have your order processed, dispatch and delivered within 14 business day, by placing an order we take this as an acceptance of our terms set out as mentioned above.

We try our best to get orders processed and delivered as soon as possible but during heavy load times it can take longer.

Our website is secured with an encrpyted SSL and our payment options are also secure.

Some of your information is stored on our servers and is used for your my account details, no credit card or payment information is stored. Upon checkout all payment gateways use a redirection to their payment portals and as such you are protected by their security protocols, your details stored on their systems are separate from The Collectors Guild and we do not share information with these companies. Any complaints or concerns about the Payment gateway companies will be directed to them.

Once your order has been placed you will receive an automatically generated email from us. (Please ensure to white list (safe list) or add us to your email list to ensure you get our email) If you have not received any communication via email from us please check your Junk/Spam folders. If they are still not their please email us or call us on 03 9395 6664.

Please see section above for processing and handling times as well as dispatch times, please note that once an item is in transit with a courier company we have no control of the timeframe from here on and our times frames are estimates based on average calculations provided from the courier.

Once your order is dispatched you will receive an email confirmation from the courier with your tracking information. If you have not received this please contact us.

We use Startrack Express mainly as well as various other companies depending on a case by case criteria.

Shipping Methods

We use a range of shipping companies in order to ensure the quickest and most effective means of delivery, we have trialed a number of freight companies and as such we have decided to use Startrack as our main logistics provider but will also utilise Couriers Please, Fastway and Australia Post. We utilise the other freight companies on an individual case by case basis.

Shipping Times

Orders can take up to 5-7 Business Days for processing and handling times and from 3-5 Business days to be delivered from dispatch date. There may on occasions be disruptions which can effect either the processing and handling times which can effect these time frames. At maximum we will endeavor to have your order processed, dispatch and delivered within 14 business day, by placing an order we take this as an acceptance of our terms set out as mentioned above.

We try our best to get orders processed and delivered as soon as possible but during heavy load times it can take longer.


Preorders are sold as a prepurchase, you are purchasing your allocation of stock to secure your item on release date. Prepurchase or preorders are the only way to secure specific items that require preordering.

Please be aware that any items that are pre-ordered or are custom ordered will be processed within 2 business days but the esitmated delivery time will vary on the specific item ordered.  Pre-orders have a designated date of release from the manufacturer and cannot be released before hand. Pre-orders can also be pushed back and dates changed without notice, we have so many pre-orders that sometimes we may not notice these changes, please keep in touch if you are concerned we will however endeavour to update you as best we can.

We will work closely with you and the couriers to ensure these times are met. Custom orders that are not pre-orders but that require international delivery can take up to 3 weeks for delivery. These estimates will be provided to us from our international distributors and passed on to you.

On occasions our supplier may not be able to fulfil our allocated orders due to unforseen cirumstances, in the event that this were to happen however many allocations we have been given will be allocated to customers in a time of or placed arrangement, so those who ordered first will be allocated them in a sequential order until the stock we were allocated has run out, those who are not allocated an item will be given the options for a refund or replacement with another item to the value of their order, due to som eitems being limited we cannot guarantee a second wave of allocated units.  This  policy also applies to items listed incorrectly as instock when in fact they are not, this can happen due to a clerical error, our website is on a 24hr updating cycle but there may be moments where the item you order has lapsed the update time or has not yet update due to the large amount of items listed.

Missed Delivery

Our freight companies will not accept request to call ahead and complex requests can sometimes be dismissed, this is the policy of the freight company and not with us. If no one is home the courier will leave a card on the premises for you to get in contact with them to arrange collection. They do not give us a specific time and as such please note that once an item is on board for delivery with the driver it will be anywhere between 9am-5pm for delivery, each case is individual dependent on your location and the driver for the courier company. We here at The Collectors Guild Pty Ltd have no control over the package once it is in transit.

Refunds & Returns

Any cancellations are are subject to a cancellation fee and restocking fee of 10%, this is charged due to the costs involved when refunding purchases. Please note this is not a fee or charge for us and it is to cover the costs involved in processing a refund. Utilising the Payment gateways we offer and provide costs us on every order and we are not refunded from the payment gateways and we need to cover these costs. We also incur shipping fees and restocking feeds. This is for all cancellation fee applies to all cancellations made unless the cancellation was initiated by us due to stock, supply and demand issues or any other issues that may arise. If this does occur by fault of our own a full refund will be issued via the the method of payment, no refunds will be issued via bank transfer or paypal unless this was the method of payment. A reversal will be made via the gateway in which you paid, this is aligned with the Anti-Laundering Act and to comply with AUSTRAC Regulations.

We do not offer a change of mind refund or return, due to items being sold new with Manufacturers warranty, we are not able to offer refunds due to change of mind circumstances, we would be unable to resell the item as a new unopened product nor would we be able to claim it against our suppliers which is why we are not able to refund any items that are not faulty and that are deemed as change of mind. This extends to items customers may find difficult or complicated to use, find it cheaper elsewhere and request refunds to attempt to purchase elsewhere or situations where they either find it is not what they thought it would be. Please ensure you are aware of the product you are purchasing and if you need more information on it we advise the use of a google search, forums or reviews as though we have knowledge ourselves to an extent we are not experienced with all the products, functions, uses and specifications as the manufacturers themselves. By purchasing an item you agree to our terms and conditions and undertand that refund requests deemed as change of mind will be refused if found to be under this policy and accept this fact as stated through out terms and conditions. This policy does not effect the warranty of an item, if an item is indeed believed to be faulty please see the warranty section.

We do not offer a money back guarantee, each case is reviewed on a case by case notice, any refund requests must be made in writing via email to and must include the order number and customer details as well as the reason for the refund request, before the decision is considered the items must be unopened and unused as it may fall into the change of mind policy in which the decision may be refused outright. If a refund is offered it may be in the form of credit in store to be used towards other items of equal or lesser value to which the balance would remain in credit, or a refund via the payment gateway in which the item was purchased through, please note the cancellation fee would still apply. Before any refunds are processed, the goods must be returned safely in new condition, unopened and unsused, in its original packaging. If it is returned and deemed to be inaccurately representated your refund may be refused. You must ensure the goods are packed adequatley to ensure its safe arrival, the cost of returning the item is the responsibility of the customer. If the item is a warranty claim this amount will be returned after the warranty is processed incase it is deemed to be a user fault and not covered by warranty.

Please be aware that pre-ordered specialty items cannot be refunded once the order has been dispatched due to the uniqueness of the item. If your item however arrives damaged please take photos of the box and the item and email them to us along with a description of the damage. We will need this information to send to our distributors. In some cases where an items is limited we may only be able to offer a partial refund as being limited items there may not be another one to replace it, with some items however the manufacturer may require you to destroy the item with photographic proof to receive a replacement or full refund, this is at their request and not ours, this stops people from on selling parts and ensures the line stays limited. Please note they will meticulously check the proof and if they find the photo’s edited or any form of deception attempts they may deny the claims and blacklist any further business with individuals.

All refund and return requests must be made within 14 days of receiving the item in writing via email, you will receive a response within 24 hours advising you of the return or refund process. Please be aware each case will be treated seperately and we do not offer change of mind returns. Please choose carefully when ordering your items.

For pre-ordered items you will have 14 days from the date you ordered to cancel the order provided it is not past the order validation period, a period in which we cannot retract the order from the distributor, 30 days prior to release. These cancellations will still incur the cancellation fee.

Any requests that are deemed to be change of mind may be refused or offered an instore credit rather than a refund, we do not price match and if you have found it cheaper elsewhere may fall into this category. Each case will be looked at on an individual case by case level and a decision will be made upon conclusion of the outcome. If a refund is decided upon the cancellation fee will still be deducted from the refund. All requests must be made in writing via email to with your order number and reason for requesting a refund or cancellation.

Please not if you have received an item and you request a refund after you have received it you are still required to follow the above policy, if a refund is granted the return of the item in good condition will be the responsibility of the customer and at your own expense for shipping, please ensure the item is packed safely as it will be inspected upon arrival and if deemed to be damaged by user error or in transit it may effect the outcome of the refund request, no refund will be issued until the item has been inspected and approved for return.

In most cases items will have manufacturers warranty, it is a case by case situation however, if you have a warranty claim please email us at with the Subject “Warranty – Order#___” and outline in the email the issue you are having.

We may offer some suggestions and advice before proceding further first, we may redirect you to the manufacturer for further assistance and advice as we may not be as versed with technical support as they are on their products.

Some manufacturers require you to deal with them directly, in some cases you may contact us within 30 days of purchase and we may be able to issue an RA (Return Authority) with our supplier. Each case is unique and we will work with you to sort out the quickest resolution.

If in the process you are requested to send in the item for return this responsibility will fall down to the customer packaging the item safely and organising its safe return, this expense will be the customers, each claim will be looked at and determined by the supplier or manufacturer and will not be conducted by our staff. Once a claim has been finalised they will update us with the next step which will either be a repair or replacement, this is up to the discretion of the supplier and manufacturer and not of The Collectors Guild Pty Ltd. We must adhere to their decision and will not be held liable for the outcome. We will always work with the customer to try make sure this process is smooth and easy but please note in these instances we are restricted in what we are able to offer in terms of support and have no influence on the outcome of the case, if the supplier/manufacturer deem the issue is user error or at fault by the customer they may not issue any replacement and may instead offer to repair at a cost, please be sure that you are 100% that the fault was indeed manufacturer error and not caused by user error.

For Oppo Phones – Manufacturers Warranty is for 24 months from the date of purchase, to begin a claim please contact – 1300 006 776 or email with your details as well as a description of the problem. They will instruct you on how to proceed.

Oppo Care –

For Xbox you can find instructions to begin your warranty claim here –

For PS4 Warranty information please check their info here –

And to submit a PS4 claim the process can be started here –

For all other warranty enquiries please contact us directly at all warranty enquiries must be submitted via email in writing. All warranty claims are subject to the manufacturers standards and cannot be guaranteed.