We are an online retail store providing a range of anime, collectables, gaming and hobby items. We are based online and cater to the Australian customers.

Being anime fans and living in Australia we found we were limited to what we had accessible to us. Yes there are plenty of stores around but as you all know collecting and building our anime can be difficult and expensive. We dont often have the time to look for, find or visit these stores locally and find that the online presence can be rather confusing. We decided to make it simpler, and easier for Anime fans in australia and started Buy Anime Aus. We offer a unique payment method that allows you to purchase now and pay later and build your collection. Since we are an online store we are yet to build up stock locally, so wait times on delivery will be longer than local delivery at the moment but it will be worth the wait! We aim to build up quickly with your help so that we can get as much stock in Australia as we can. Please help us to grow and build a solid anime base here in Australia.